Frequently Asked Questions

The questions we hear most:

What are your Covid-19 precautions?

This year we want to experience a wonderful and safe festival with you. In order for Loom Festival to be a safe place, we must all pull together and observe both the rules that we have established for your protection and advocate our own responsibility.

Arrival and admission

Admission is only possible with a negative Corona rapid test , which must not be older than 24 hours . Please do the test before you start your journey. Self-tests are not permitted.

If you have cold symptoms, we ask you not to come. Should you still arrive with these symptoms, you will be denied entry to the festival. For this purpose, there will be temperature measurements (laser) at the entrance. Common cold symptoms are:

  • coughing
  • fever (there will be temperature measurements at the entrance)
  • sniffles
  • loss of taste or smell

If you have stayed in a risk area classified according to authorities in the last 14 days before your arrival, a visit to the festival is unfortunately also not possible.

Social Distancing

Please always keep a distance of 1.5 meters from other guests. If this distance cannot be maintained, it is mandatory to wear a medical mouth and nose cover.

A general mask requirement applies in the following areas:

  • in front of all toilets
  • at the bars (queuing while ordering)
  • at the food stands (queuing while ordering)
  • at the entrance / admission area

Hygiene stations

You all know how important it is, despite the euphoria we all have because of the festival, to pay attention to hygiene in order to prevent the spread of the pathogen SARS-Cov-2. So please wash your hands thoroughly several times a day. On our festival site you will find several hygiene stations that are equipped with sufficient soap and disinfectant. In addition, disinfectant dispensers are set up in front of all bars, toilets and food stands .

Sanitary facilities

Everyone wants to use a clean toilet and shower, so we ask you to use the toilets as you are used to at home. The other visitors will thank you very much. There will be enough cleaning material in the toilets to disinfect the toilet seat.

Thank you

It is currently very important that we all adhere to these rules so that this festival and many more can take place again. Thanks for your help!

Where is Loom Festival located?

The festival takes place at Museumspark Rüdersdorf Schachtofenbatterie, a previously industrial area. Click here for the location on Google Maps.

What is the minimum age for entry?

Entry at Loom Festival is for adults (18+) only, there will be ID-checks at the entrance.

What time does the festival start and end?

The festival starts at 12:00pm (midday) and will end at 12:00am (midnight). The doors open at 11:30am.

How do I get to the festival?

We advise everyone to come by public transport.

20 minutes from Friedrichshagen S-Bahn Station with Tram 88 to Alt Rüdersdorf. Get out at Heinitzstraße.

From Alexanderplatz/Ostkreuz take the S-Bahn S3 to Friedrichshagen and then the Tram 88 to to Alt Rüdersdorf. Get out at Heinitzstraße.

There will be Shuttle Busses from Ostbahnhof to the Event. More info soon.

There will be limited parking on site – buy your parking ticket online.

I bought a ticket but I can't go anymore. Can I re-sell my ticket?

It is NOT allowed and therefore illegal to re-sell your ticket through unofficial channels/websites etc.

If you need a refund or want to offload your ticket, email

Can I bring my own food to the festival?

You can’t bring your own food to the festival, but there will be enough choice in stands. If you are following a strict diet, you can bring this but with a doctor’s note.

What type of identification will I need to show?

We will ask every guest for a legal valid identification. This includes driver’s license, identification card or passport. If you can’t show any of these, access to the festival will be denied.

What is the drug policy?

No drugs are allowed, so all hard drugs, pills, powders, liquids, mushrooms and N20 (nitrous oxide/laughing gas) are forbidden. Be aware your party will be over if security will find any drugs on you.

Will first aid be present?

Yes, there will be first aid at the festival.

How can I reach Loom for press contact?

Any questions about PR and media related topics can be send to

Can I bring my medication to the festival?

If it is necessary to bring your medication to the festival, you need to bring an official declaration of a doctor. In case of doubt, our security and/or first aid (EMS) will check your medication and declaration.